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Are your concrete gutters causing you problems?

Concrete gutters (also known as Finlock gutters) were installed on many properties between the 1950’s and 1970’s. These concrete gutters could now be the cause of problems with your property as your home will have been modernised in other ways such as central heating and double glazing. One of the biggest problems I hear from our customers is damp and mould appearing on the walls in the upstairs bedrooms of their home. This could be caused by having had new double glazed windows fitted. If you have replaced your windows with UPVC, the concrete gutters above the new windows often
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Freefoam – The Complete Roofline Solution

Quality Fascias is a registered installer of Freefoam Building Products ( and we only use Freefoam products when completing all of our installations because we believe in using the highest quality products available on the market.   Why do we use Freefoam Products Freefoam is based in Northampton and is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of innovative roofline products. There are a number of reasons why we at Quality Fascias believe in the Freefoam brand including the full range of products and colours available to our customers, the durability of the product and the extended lifetime guarantee on
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Replacing concrete guttering in Derby

We’re starting off the New Year replacing Finlock concrete guttering on two terraced properties in Derby that have been suffering from damp problems. Why does the concrete guttering need replacing? The properties were built in an era when concrete guttering was regarded as a low-cost, low maintenance choice and it suited those properties at the time. But, as with most such properties these days, home improvements such as installing central heating, improving insulation and replacing windows with double glazing have meant that the concrete gutters are no longer serving their original purpose. In fact, they are more of a liability causing leaking,
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